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Students in the Northwest Zone will pre-register for their 2021-22 NWRMS classes in March.  Please watch the videos below for more pre-registration information. 

6th Grade Pre-Registration (current 5th graders)

7th Grade Pre-Registration (current 6th graders)

8th Grade Pre-Registration (current 7th graders)

Extracurricular Tryout Information

Click on the link below for tryout/application and contact information:

NWRMS Extracurricular Activity Information





6th Grade Cougar Choir

If you plan to participate in the 6th grade Cougar Choir, please click on the link below and complete the registration form.

6th Grade Cougar Choir Registration Form

7th & 8th Grade Cougar Choirs

If you plan to audition for girls' honor choir, boys' honor choir and/or Reverb show choir and missed the deadline, please email Mrs. Freeman at as soon as possible. Choir will count as PE for students who are selected for one or more of the Cougar Choirs. 


Did you know that band students earn great scholarships?  If you are interested in joining the 6th or 7th grade beginner band, click on the link below for more information:


Project Lead The Way

If you are interested in technology and engineering, you may want to apply to be part of Project Lead the Way (PLTW). Watch these videos to learn more:

What is Project Lead the Way?

Project Lead the Way Gateway 

 If you are interested in Project Lead The Way, submit this application by May 7.

If you have questions, email Mr. Knight  at